I followed the meal plans as best as possible and did the workout routines everyday.  I slowly started seeing the changes and noticed that I had more energy than before.

Now don't get me wrong I had my daily struggles. You can call me a human garbage disposal of sorts, I mean put anything in front of me and its devoured in minutes. The thing I noticed is that during this time frame I was never really hungry or starving which was the complete opposite when I was eating the 3 things we removed.

The part I enjoyed the most was the confidence that I gained back. With the changes in my body, the praise from my co-workers and what I saw in the mirror I viewed myself differently and told myself "it is possible and you make it that way".


Right leg 26.5 / Left leg 25 / Hips 44.5 / Waist 37 / Right arm 15 / Left arm 15 / Chest 43


Right leg 24 / Left leg 23 / Hips 41 / Waist 33.5 / Right arm 14 / Left arm 14 / Chest 41

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