When you're up against a wall and feel you can't take a single step further, it is mental toughness that takes you to the finish line.

The program taught me about being mindful. Mindful about what I put into my body and when, mindful about getting the rest I needed and mindful about staying positive. In life (and especially in corporate America) it's far too easy to just go through the motions and float through your day, but there is no joy in that. By pushing myself to think about how I was treating my body, I forced myself to re-engage with life. At first it hurt a bit, but then I remembered how good it feels.

Here are my stats from the challenge:
Weight lost: 13.5 lbs
Body fat lost: 2.5 %
Inches lost: about 3 in. off my waist, 2 in. off my arms and 2 in. off my thighs

All of my "skinny" clothing feels and looks great!

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