I was at pre-hypertension and my pulse rate was way too high.

The first week was the most difficult for me, I got down to 270 by the end of the first week, this weight I have been to before but could not maintain recently.

Stress levels started to drop as well as my resting pulse.

I am now working out regularly again and I needed this to get me back into living the way I am used to, eating smaller portions, better food, and back in the gym. I have several pairs of pants and shorts  size 40 and 42 that no longer fit me and I just picked up some 36 and 38 jeans and shorts to start my wardrobe refresh. My wife says I look athletic (which is something that means more to me than just about anything). My legs have started to look like they did when I was 19-26, muscular and defined.

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