john did a great intake upfront to understand my goals and my style and then connect me with the right trainer in his network, Nate. I've worked with Nate for the last year, and he's awesome! He helped me get in shape for my wedding, with awesome results. Most importantly, Nate listened to me and what I wanted to achieve and tailored the sessions accordingly, he was flexible about scheduling, and he is just a fun person to hang out with while training. I was happy that we were able to train outdoors, in the park, which I preferred during COVID. Nate has introduced me to a huge variety of exercises, using TRX, bands, body weights, bars, and dumb bells, which kept things interesting. For someone who hates doing weights on my own, I even shocked myself by sticking with it with Nate and enjoying our sessions, and I'm thrilled with the results - I feel stronger, more toned, and more confident."

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